Useful Information

All CabochonMania cabochons are entirely hand made in our laboratory, with passion and dedication!

We use polymer clay, which makes our creations ultra light and very resistant!

Our cabochons can also be used as buttons as they can be dry washed or hand washed without problems, making sure to only use mild detergent and do not bleach!!

We offer, on request and free of charge, the possibility to make a hole on the cabochons top (to allow customers to insert hooks or rings).

On request, we can also turn the ordinary cabochons into cabohons with side slot suitable for working in macramé: we recommend however to apply this variant from measures of at least 2 cm, to prevent the cabochons become too fragile because of the groove follows the entire board.

If you need particular colors or shapes and sizes that you don't find in our e-commerce site, please email us: we will evaluate together the opportunity to meet your demands!

Thank you for your visit and wish you good work !!! :-)